So in recent news, my mama told me today that I should start looking for my own place. Because I don’t do X, Y and Z around the house. I don’t live on her time schedule. I don’t “help out” around the farm. Bullshit I work hard here.

I’m out after spring semester ends.

So I guess that means I gotta get my own vehicle first. Which my broke ass only has like $1080 in my savings. I can’t get anything decent for $1000. So gotta work a lot and save money for a vehicle. Whether that be car or truck. Ugh. Then I have to find an apartment (because obviously I can’t afford an actual house). A cheap rent around here is $650/month. I don’t make $650/month even when I work full time!! (Then again, this past summer, 10 of those hours were at minimum wage, the other 30 were at $9/hr). Then on top of that, gotta pay for school!! Aggghhhh

I guess in an effort to save as much money as possible… no more eating out once a week, take as many hours as I’m offered, quit smoking, and who knows what else. Not like I splurge a lot anyway! Doesn’t help that I spent “$1000” in the last statement month, thanks to Christmas and “overdraft fees” because my bank sucks monkey dick. Maybe even sell some of my old clothes to a consignment shop instead of donating them. Take some old books to the Half Price bookstore. Sell shoes (that I have a lot of). Sell jewelry (that I don’t wear). Sell whatever I can! If I have time, maybe I’ll make a page of stuff for sale if you girls would be interested in some of the stuff I have. And it’s not like I’m gonna make any money re-breaking out my boss’s 6 year old QH gelding who hasn’t been handled much in the last 3 or so years… Ffffffffffffffffffuuu

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